Pros And Cons Of Imperialism

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Imperialism is when a government gets involved in the other countries powers and decisions. Isolationism is the distancing of countries powers and keeping out of the decisions that other countries are making. I believe the United States should be imperialist to protect the country by knowing what 's going on with america. With the USA getting involved helped us prevent wars and fight for good reasoning. A pro of Imperialism is industrialization grew internationally growing businesses and other factories and similar industries. Another pro is the establishment of educational schools by the level of literacy. The resources were used for manufacturing, trade, and the economy. The expansion of territories is advantage of the territories. For Example multiple islands were annexed into the USA. Another advantage is the imperialist countries are very powerful based on their military power influence on the other countries. Another would be the exchange in cultural ideas such as traditions, customs. Cultural ideas helped promote in exchange of language, food, attire, and religion. This help other nations open up their horizons and keep an open mind. A con of imperialism is political feud, no nation likes being controlled by another entity. Discrimination is also a reason that is a con in imperialism by cultural and traditions are being forced upon. For example is the labors are forced and made be put to work as slaves. A pro for isolationism is the focus on domestic policy,
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