Pros And Cons Of Incident Management

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How frustrating to see these patterns of over and over and over. What and when will it take us to learn from past experiences of incident management? According to the PAF 561 Week, One Lecture Series by Professor Pete Smith, an emergency communication is integral and vital in all phases of emergency management, particularly during the response phase. Thus, a well-coordinated emergency response effort saves lives and protects property and the environment. And the opposite is more so true. Furthermore, the lecture succinctly defined the concept of interoperability as the ability of people, systems, and multi-facet organizations to work together collaboratively and cohesively to accomplish a common goal. The fact is that interoperability is…show more content…
(Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) National Incident Management System (NIMS, December 2008: FEMA NIMS). Thus, the incident communications and information systems are facilitated by interoperable communications equipment, processes, standards, and architectures. " {NIMS_core.pdf, 2008. P.23} Operationally, the desired emergency response communications require standardization, compatible equipment, trained and exercised personnel, and communication protocol for emergency response actions, for example, that are most often associated with a typical radio communication system. (FEMA NIMS) However, the current technology misapplied can create a situation where so much information is being shared that people cannot communicate…show more content…
Note that the same tactical doctrine is being prescribed to address the random school shooting in the Nation today. This suggestion, however, is in the public policy domain of the homeland security (HLS) event equation. Tactically, it means that once the lines of cooperation are clearly defined, then the relevant response groups must decide how to talk with each other if their communications gear
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