Advantages Of Incremental Testing

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What is Incremental Testing? Hello, everyone! With the help of this article, I am going to cover one of the important Integration Approach. By the end of this section, the audience will have a fair knowledge of following: 1. What is Incremental Testing? 2. Objective of Incremental Testing 3. Incremental Testing Methodologies 4. Advantages 5. Drawbacks Incremental Testing, also known as Incremental Integration Testing, is one of the approaches of Integration Testing and incorporates its fundamental concepts. It is like a test which combines Module and Integration testing strategy. In Incremental Testing, we test each module individually in unit testing phase, and then modules are integrated incrementally and tested to ensure smooth interface…show more content…
And so on other test cases are derived. This type of testing where all modules at a layer are first integrated and tested is known as “breadth-first”. Another category is “depth-first”. Following test cases will be derived for “depth-first” Test Case1: Module L and Module O will be integrated and tested Test Case2: Module L, O and OS will be integrated and tested Test Case3: Module L, O, OS, P will be integrated and tested. Test Case4: Module L, O, OS, P, CP will be integrated and tested. And so on other test cases are derived. Merits of Top-down Methodology  Early exposure of architecture defects  It outlines the working of an application as a whole in early stages and helps in early disclosure of design defects.  Main control points are tested early De-merits of Top-down…show more content…
In this approach of testing, integration testing is done on the individual module as a part of unit testing and in next phase, modules or components of the application are integrated incrementally and testing is performed on combined modules as a group. Out of three methodologies of Incremental Integration Testing, the choice of which methodology to choose depends on the structure of the application and also on the position of high-risk modules. All three methodologies of incremental testing come under Horizontal category because of following behavioral aspects:  All three methodologies focus on layer testing  All of them consider a structural or hierarchical design.  All of them integrate layers incrementally. Merits of Incremental

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