Pros And Cons Of Indonesian Economic System

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Indonesian Economic System
As we known that in President Joko Widodo era has many pros and cos about how President Jokowi do the economic diplomacy. Many people estimate the way that President Jokowi do his job as President of Republic Indonesia. They said that President Jokowi does not have any diplomacy skill and bad at English too. But there are not make President Jokowi give up so easily, he prove to them that he will give his best to lead Indonesia to the better future.
In the first step that Jokowi takes as the new President of Indonesia is he attend in APEC’s conferences in Beijing and got opportunity to speak up his strategy about the future of Indonesia with do the bilateral cooperation with another state. Indonesia got an honor to
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With that speech and presentation, many President and CEO are attracted and interest. Not just in APEC summit, as we known that lately Indonesia become a host of the Asia Africa Conference. In AAC President Jokowi give a speech and presentation, one of the conclusion of the conference that announced by President Jokowi the agreed-upon declarations that he says will give the developing world, more power and influence in the…show more content…
One of them is in investment, investment is one of the crucial sector. It takes a crucial role of the Indonesia economic growth, because of that there are some a policy that explain about the law of the investment in Indonesia. There are in constitution Number 1 in 1967 about the foreign investment; Number 11 in 1970, Number 6 in 1968, Number 12 in 1970 about the domestic investment. And got referendum with constitution Number 25 in 2007 about investment. Definition of foreign investment in this Act only covers foreign direct investment carried out by or under the provisions of this Act and which is used to run the company in Indonesia, in the sense that the owners of capital are directly bear the risk of investment the. Indonesia conducts foreign policy in order to achieve the prosperity of its people. In the fact there was another policy that refers to investment. That policies are made to make work of the Indonesian economy run well, even though there are many policies in the reality there are still have a problem that have to be solved by the President. The policies are complete enough to explain about the investment, but how many policies sometimes does not guarantee that the economic will run well without any problem. The problem always come and interfere the peace Indonesia Economic, but the policies still give a
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