Pros And Cons Of Information Society

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What is information society? In this new era, people or user of information more prefer using technology devices to find or searching information as it will make them easier to find in more efficient way. In this digital era, mostly information are in digitize format, and it can easily be access by user. Furthermore, many users can access the information simultaneously in one time rather than by books. Society needs information so they can build a community with knowledge and implement the reading habit among the society. According to business dictionary, information society is Post-industrial society in which information technology is transforming every aspect of cultural, political, and social life and which is based on the production and distribution of information. It is characterized by the pervasive influence of IT on home, work, and recreational aspects of the individuals daily routine, stratification into new classes those who are information-rich and those who are information-poor, loosening of the nation state 's hold on the lives of individuals and the rise of highly sophisticated criminals who can steal identities and vast sums of money through information related (cyber) crime. Although it is efficient way for the user or society do the creation, distribution, use, integration and manipulation of information is a significant economic, political, and cultural activity, there still intellectual property issue occur in this information society among the society.
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