Pros And Cons Of Intensive Security Screening

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Do you think people should have to go through an intensive security screening? People should go through an intensive security screening, because of all of the bombings that have been going on. Airports take many precautions everyday so people can live a safe life, when you go to the airport you will see guards or some sort of security. However, they don’t always catch everything. Airport screenings and security guards should be more intensive about checking and looking for things that stands out. First airports can legally opt out of TSA services and hire private security instead. TSA is an agency of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security that has authority over the security of the public in the United States. Each full-body scanner can cost up to $170,000 and TSA is basically stealing money from traveling agencies and making a profit from these machines. However, some travele agencies don’t have the money to pay for the full-body screenings,…show more content…
“we simply don’t have the engineering” to build a perfectly secure computer and network for each plane. There is a very small possibility that a terrorist could hack into a plane, but it is one of the many fears we face when we fly. Anyway, people with government security clearances, people who are with U.S. national security secrets are trusted enough to be allowed through a small screening. Identifying someone’s security clearance is a complicated process. Furthermore the TSA is making its photo ID rules at airport security more strict. People with expired or people who say that they have lost there ID have to go through a secondary screening. Then the TSA realized that someone on the government’s no-fly list, a list that has been created to keep our planes safer from terrorists, could fly with no ID. But the people with no ID have to answer personal questions from their credit card history to find their
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