Pros And Cons Of International Trade

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Introductions International trade refers to a country trade goods and services to another country. International trade open up the world potential market to increase producer sales quantity and increase competition on foreign country. apart from these, international trade will create job opportunity and hence reduced unemployment rate as well as positive balance of payment. however, it might bring negative effects to a country as well, therefore, government play an important role in implementing trade restriction on imported goods in order to prevent imported goods destroy the domestic market or at certain extend, monopolize the market. 94 words A ) Discuss the forms of restriction on international trade. There are quite a number of trade restrictions that a government can implement on imported goods in order to protect domestic industry, such as tariffs, quotas, embargo, safety standards regulations, Anti Dumpling, complex custom duties, labeling requirements and quality restrictions. Tariff refers to tax placed on foreign goods which raises the price of the imported goods as it enters the country. This is the most common form of barrier to trade. Through tariff imposed on imported goods, this will lead to an increase in government revenue as well as protection on domestic industry. If the government motive is to increase revenue, then tax usually imposes on imports in which its demand is inelastic, such as cigarette. The
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