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Purposes: Recently, internet recruitment becomes a trend in today’s modern society. Recruitment can be defined as a process of attract people apply for job vacancies. For internet recruitment, the definition is a way of recruit new workers through website or other internet application to fill in the job vacancies. Internet recruitment becomes popular due to several reasons. According to Megan Hauer(2004), there are 6 reasons why companies often use website recruitment. The reasons are low cost, more content can be describe on webpage, convenience, effective communication, easy change, and avoid cross posting. Internet recruitment can help company to recruit right candidates and thus success in the future. Besides that, internet is a bridge…show more content…
Moreover, internet recruitment could give some good information to assist students in future careers decision making. Therefore, the sampling group formed by 250 university students which come from 5 universities are University Melaya(UM), University Utara Malaysia(UUM), University Putra Malaysia(UPM), University Sains Malaysia(USM), and Multimedia University(MMU). The 250 university students included 112 males and 138 females. 39 samples are Malay, 170 samples are Chinese, 39 samples are Indian, and 2 from other race. The age of sampling group between 19 to 24. Besides that, the sampling group also included 25 first year students, 123 second year students, 91 third year students, and 11 fourth year students. In 5 university, Chinese in Multimedia University(MMU) yields the highest respondents.
Data gathering method: The main method used for gathering the data in this journal is questionnaire. The surveyor mailed questionnaire to the respondents. Besides that, to ensure the survey is more accurate, they also using a set of survey method to collect data such as convenience, snowball sampling approach and stratified random method. The questionnaires have been set a range of scale which is from 1 to 6. 1 represents strongly disagree and 6 represents strongly agree. Not only that, students also has been ask about the usage history and frequency of
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