Pros And Cons Of Invention Of Mobile Phone

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In today 's world, technology has surpassed human expectations and a perfect example of that is the invention of the mobile phone. It has made our lives easier, efficient and has become a necessity to tackle different aspects of life. Although cell phones have helped human to become professional multitaskers, it still has a lot of pros and cons. Is the mobile phone the best invention of the past 50 years? This is a question that everyone asks and the answer to the question is yes because it is an important device right now because it has many characteristics such as services and applications. However, there is a segment of people who say that the mobile phone affects people in all respects and there are other categories of people who see it as a very useful device but I support those who believe that cell phones have a lot of negative effects.

On one hand, social benefits make it easy for everyone to communicate with others and shorten time and cost, particularly for people living in remote areas or living in a foreign country, so that parents can easily reach them. Mobiles phone are indispensable when a person is at risk of accidents, including hospital contact, and emergency. The doctor 's presentation, and many other studies conducted by the UAE University state that about 90% of adults use the mobile phone daily and the number of smartphones has reached 2.16 billion according to the magazine Times New (2017).

There are a number of financial benefits, which can be
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