Pros And Cons Of Iphone's Taken Over

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Have IPhone’s Taken Over? Technology as we all know have been around for the past years and is very convenient for many people. Having impacts on people lives in a good and bad way and a very profound effect on humanity. IPhone’s seem to be one of the better developed, and used more in this generation of mine. A very helpful tool that everyone carries around and uses on a daily basis. Negative factors of IPhone’s is that it’s such a lack of human interaction, resulted in the effect of how people not seeing each other in person to talk to each other. Positive factors of IPhone’s is that is has helps others with education and training within their needs. IPhones are considered the key to a nation 's economic growth. Transportation on IPhone’s has made an increasing in the change to the speed. The process of shipping and transporting has become more convenient and efficient with the use of modern technology when in need. GPS has been a lot more useful on IPhone’s for people that like to travel. Although sometimes it’s not always accurate it is a very helpful with directions on how to get many places. Providing sounds and signals when it’s a different route or exit. Since IPhone’s have had an impact on people lives, I believe that everyone’s communicating skills have not been the…show more content…
The technology of IPhones has had a major effect on the entertainment industry, and it keeps our minds entertained and puzzled by amazing creations and visions. It’s how people that love to listen to music, play games, and any of other things that come to mind anyone could think of be done on that small device we call IPhones. Pictures and videos are now made in more creative ways. Celebrities are more important and noticed that they would ever be thanks to IPhones. Some people say these devices make the brain lazy, and prevent people from being as focused and on task, but it does bring a meaning into anything if you allow it
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