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Part 2 The controversy in this event comes about after a convicted felon mug shot goes viral. The controversy revolves around the picture of the felon, Jeremy Meeks who is a convicted criminal. The Stockton Police Department placed a mug shot of Jeremy on their Facebook page. Instead, the light skinned complexion of the criminal became a center of a very polarizing meme. And of course, the controversy came about when some people raised their concern that it is not acceptable to celebrate the felon just because he is handsome (HLN, 2014). Jeremy Meeks was arrested on June 18th on felony weapons charges. He is under a $900,000 bail after he was arrested for the illegal possession of firearms and ammunition and carrying a loaded firearm in public. …show more content…

For instance, it has now become a household name and if such an ethic is to be condoned over the next years, this may pose a bigger threat. This threat would amount to a prejudgment review and thus the overall concept would hence hinder total understand of life and how people relate to it. Part 4 I chose this controversial topic over the notion that the mere perception of a felon can alter the reality behind the man’s nature. It is important to mention that the topic represents a cause and it is functionally relevant to various transformations and ways of life. This is resultantly important for the embodiment of various life indicators. Part 5 The Jeremy Meek situation is a reflection of an already complex situation that has already taken over the society (Hargreaves and Vertinsky, 2006). The fact is that physical appearance dominates the public’s perception of a person that in this case supersedes the crime with which he is being charged. If this complex situation is not contained, it will be embedded into the social structure and affect effective judgmental abilities of the society. In other words, if we let the appearance of meek cloud people’s judgment, the trait will be embedded in the community and resultantly cause a shift in people’s perceptions that may be in it for the …show more content…

For instance, we always say to ourselves that we should never judge a book by its cover. Yet, we continually doing so most specifically during times in which it matters the most. According to Banjamin and Tullis (2010), despite the fact that the perception may be accurate and harmless, for instance, assuming that a person is a runner on the basis of his shoes, the habitual nature is the main reason for concern and thus becomes an issue in Meek’s case. There are critical perspectives or proportions that people take to greatly influence others. In the judgmental point, there is always time to define an individual character, the motivations and then evaluate how these people want to be engaged in the various etiquettes of life. This would be significant and ideally necessary to work with others for a justifiable

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