Disqualifications In Military

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The many different jobs & problems of military Most civilians don’t join the military because they do not know want to get shot at or die. But what they don’t know is the military has so many options for everybody and anyone can find a job they would like to do. Most women have wanted to join the military but they don’t like that they cant have combat positions, many people have argued this but don’t actually think it through. There could also be many steps and problems with transferring from a military life style back to civilian & there are multiple reasons behind this. So in this paper all of the above will be discussed and attempted to make sense of. So in the military there are tons of jobs for every type of person out there the Army has…show more content…
And than there are officers and they are the bosses they are the ones that manage the enlisted personnel and make plans etc. there ranks go from O-1 to O-11. So the pay one receives while in the military is based on the rank that they acquire not the job they do even though certain jobs do give certain benefits. But none of this matter unless someone is qualified to get into the military so lets start talking about qualifications & disqualifications. Every branch of the military has set standards that they must have but they also have their own requirements that must be met. To join any service one must first be 17 years of age with parents permission and 18 years of age without parents permission. The military checks all of the persons records including medical and legal so there cant be any major surgeries or and drug charges on either part. There are height and weight requirements but of course there is. Each branch has its own rules for allowing immigrants into the service but mostly they will just need there green card and have legal citizenship and they are good to go. To become an officer automatically at enlisting you must be 19 at least and possess a bachelor degree…show more content…
Women feel like they are treated differently than men. So there have been plans to change that but first civilians need to understand the problems with it. So as Col. Ellen Ham states, “In that environment, women do not have an equal opportunity to survive, or help fellow soldiers”(Col. Ellen Ham). Which is a very direct statement towards women. Col. Ellen Ham also states “Continuing to exclude women from accessing tis elite school makes it appear that the army is not confident in women’s leadership or combat services.” (Col. Ellen Ham), this is talking about the ranger schooling option. Women are not allowed into direct combat positions in any of the branches. Why? Well all the reason why people would say are bias because they state men are better. But there are multiple other reasons such as Harassment women could get from other male soldiers, separate living quarters because the military would have to pay for women to sleep in separate places over seas, there physical and mental status is also a controversy. Men in a combat zone could be very dangerous to women especially seeing how they would be the only women there and the military doesn’t want to risk sexual harassment. Living quarters is a good one for the Navy because ships weren’t made for separate living guarters and it would cost to much money to make it happen. Let alone there would need to be separate
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