Pros And Cons Of Junk Food Essay

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The youth today have mostly been growing up around junk food because it is the most common snack that kids, teens, and possibly adults consume. It is widely available, cheap, and easy to carry around when going to places, but despite having these pros of eating junk food, there are also cons. Most students are used to eating junk food, but are concerned about their health. The Generation Z kids these days are delighted with the flavors that junk food has to offer and it suits their taste, but they also have concerns about these scrumptious snacks. Although junk food gives teens that amazing feeling when biting into one of these snacks, they are also aware of its content and possibly low nutritive value. When people think of healthy food, junk…show more content…
Now, this tells us that there should be healthier options for the students to choose from so that they will feel better about what they eat. Having these healthier options will give students the opportunity to consume something other than junk food that they won’t be as concerned about regarding their health. “There are many side effects of a poor diet. Processed foods are part of that equation. According to the article, ‘10 Things the Processed Food Industry Doesn 't Want You to Know, and Body Ecology’s 2 Powerful Tools to Help You Fight Back!’ low Iron and food additives have been linked to children with ADHD. This article also speaks to how the ingredients in processed foods cause the human body to become addicted much like a substance abuse addiction. Diets that include processed meats have also been linked to pancreatic, colon, stomach and breast cancer. A diet that is not rich in the nutrients the body needs to function, causes problems in adults and even worse problems in children who are still developing and learning in school,” stated by Danielle Gaines, writer of School Junk Food Reduces Health of

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