Pros And Cons Of Juvenile Life Without Parole

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Crimes are happening around us whether we pay attention to them or not. Those crimes as dangerous as murder are committed by all ages but should younger criminal in their juvenile age received the same punishment as older criminals. On June 25, 2012, the Supreme Court ruled that juveniles committed murder could not be sentenced to life in prison because it violates the Eighth Amendment.(On-Demand Writing Assignment Juvenile Justice) Advocates on the concurring side believes that mandatory life in prison is wrong and should be abolish. However, the dissenting side believe that keeping the there should be a life in prison punishment for juvenile who commit heinous crime regardless of their age. I agree that abolishing the mandatory part but not abolishing the whole Juvenile Life Without Parole sentence because I believed that there are cases when a juveniles should get Juvenile Life Without Parole while there are juveniles who should not deserve it. Some deserve it because they non-repentance killers or to be serial killers while other should not deserve it because of the circumstances required them. Juveniles who killed people without any mercy should be treated as an adult and be given Juvenile Life Without Parole(JLWOP). For example, the murderer of Jennifer Jenkins’ pregnant sister and her husband. Jennifer describes, “[Jenkins’s Sister] begged for the life of her unborn child as [the killer] shot her. He reported to a friend, who testified at his trial, about his ‘thrill
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