Pros And Cons Of Keeping The Driving Age To 18

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Should high school students be able to drive themselves? Many people have argued that the driving age is too young. Some say that there is a larger risk when teens are behind the wheel. No,the driving age should not be raised . Imagine parents that have a full time job trying to get their kids back and forth to school and work and home. It 's not the age that is the problem it is responsibility. This is why the age should stay 16 and stay that way. Imagine a sixteen year old that already has their license. This person now doesn 't have to rely on his parents so much. All there life there parents have driven them places and went out of there way to drive you everywhere. Now imagine if that 16 year old couldn 't receive their license until they were 18. That parent would have 2 more years and way more events to take him or her to. During high school there are…show more content…
Being behind the wheel can be dangerous. Many say that driving should only be permitted to a responsible adult. Almost every state today has the driving age of 16 . In the article should driving age be changed to 18 it says "Between 1995 and 2004, there were 30,917 fatalities in accidents that involved 15-to-17-year-old drivers". The problem isn 't in the age it is the responsibility. At the age of 16 many do not have very good decision making skills and that can cause them to become distracted a lot more than a mature adult. Many complain and report that peer pressure is a huge part in sixteen year old drivers. Teens will be prone to peer pressure when driving. But drivers have been tested and passed to be able to qualify for a license they have had many opportunities and have been taught how to drive. Everything needed to drive is learned before you receive your license. This problem is not in the age but in the discussions that drivers make . Those personal decisions should not affect others privilege to
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