Pros And Cons Of Keeping The Voting Age To 18

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I feel the voting age limit should stay the same , i feel its best for our country. A lot of young people dont show interest in the presidental election like the older citizens do. Young people dont have enough knowledge to be able to vote , wich will make a big change for our country. Also, the low participation of young voters shows lack of civic responsibility. At the age of 16, they aren 't really wooried about the presidental election to vote. The diffrence of age 16 and 18, is a big thing because, you can become a whole diffrent person within that two year span. Citizens at the age of 16, dont understand the consequences of their vote and what can happen to our country if the wrong president is elected. When your 16, you really show no interest in voting anyhow.…show more content…
Most 16 year old kids dont know much about or learn much about the presidental election to be able to vote. I feel the voting age 18 is a little risky itself and going lower is just unprofessional. Judges are comparing our country to diffrent countries like our rules and presidents are the same. My arguement is to keep the voting age at 18 years old. We need votes from people that understand everything about the election. There is no contest in voting ranks with other countries. I feel there is no trust in letting 16 year olds vote when they have no interest or knowledge to make a smart
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