Pros And Cons Of Kim's Father

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I think Kim’s father is an authoritarian parent. “A parent that places a high value on obedience and conformity. Kim’s father cares about her but he believes pushing her will make Kim a better person whether it’s in school or in life.” He believes everything he is doing is to have Kim prepared for what’s ahead in life. This kind of parenting style has it’s pros and cons. The pros are that Kim will do well in school and will most like have a bright future, because she had a support from her father. The cons are that an authoritarian parents doesn’t usually give their children much of independency. “The tent to place a good deal on importance on restricting the child’s autonomy.” This will have a huge effect in Kim’s life after she goes to college. She dependence on her parents pushing her and how they are not with her anymore things might be hard at…show more content…
His father more relaxed about most of the things. He give him a lot of freedom to do what he wants and when he does something wrong they talk about it. “An indulgent parent behave in an accepting, and benign. They give their children few demands,and giving the child a lot of freedom to do as they wish.” This kinds of parents are found in the white communities in USA or people who have been in the United States for a while. They understand the value of freedom, and giving their child a lot of independence will help them grow as a person. This kind of parenting style will help the child when they are in their adolescent years. To have a parent that understands what you want in this years will help the parent and the child. The pros and cons of having an indulgent parent is that sometime they tend to give the child too much freedom. Also, some parents who use indulgent parenting style want to be their child’s best friends. The lost focus of parenting and focus on making their child happy. I think you can be your child’s friend but you have to have a line that they can’t
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