Pros And Cons Of Labor Unions

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As of 2017, 14.8 million wage and salary workers have belonged to a labor union ("Union Members"). Labor unions fight for higher wages, raising standards of living, safe working conditions, and increasing workers ' benefits. They have been protesting for centuries to constantly better lives of workers. Labor unions were formed to prevent these problems from resurfacing. Unions often work like a democracy by holding elections for officers to come up with resolutions to give workers more power in their jobs ("Labor Unions"). Since their conception, labor unions have positively affected the lives of the American worker. Throughout the years, numerous labor unions have developed to enhance workers’ lives. The American Federation of Labor founded in 1886. From then, many other organizations were created such as the Women’s Trade Union League, which was formed at an American Federation of Labor (AFL) Convention in 1903. At these conventions, it resolves problems that guide other labor movements and improve lives of workers in America. Since the AFL was created, many other labor unions have been found to better every aspect of their lives. In 1973, the Pennsylvania Labor History Society (PLHS) was founded. They mainly focus on documenting and commemorating the history of working men and women and their labor struggles in Pennsylvania. Most if not all of PLHS members are volunteers who are employed as miners, postal workers, social workers, school teachers, or work in factories.
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