Pros And Cons Of Lane Splitting Essay

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Lane Splitting In this essay I will being giving all sorts of facts and opinions on lane splitting in trying to backup my own opinion about whether or not lane splitting should be legalized. First I will inform the reader about what exactly lane splitting is, so that the reader will be able to understand and make a fair decision on which side they take after reading this essay. This will include the definition of lane splitting, some other names for it, how it is performed and the laws that come with it. After that I will show both sides of the argument and who they are coming from. Next I will state my side of the argument by saying which side I am on while providing some factual evidence about why. [Basics of Lane Splitting] Lane splitting is the practice that allows motorcyclists or bicyclists the ability to ride in between vehicles on the road that are traveling in the same direction (The Truth About Lane-Splitting, Tom). Some synonyms for lane splitting are:…show more content…
For the most part, motorcyclists can soley agree that lane splitting is safer and more efficient for everyone on the roads. The other side comes mostly from other drivers who do not ride a motorcycle. Whether it be truck, car, bus, or semi, most anyone who does not ride a motorcycle can come to an agreement that filtering is dangerous and that the efficiency is not worth taking lives over. [My Beliefs] Being a motorcyclist myself, I passionately believe that lane splitting should be legalized throughout the United States. I believe that the legalization of lane splitting could make riding a bike more enjoyable just for the simple fact that it would make riding a bike safer, while at the same time, making roadways efficient for everyone else on the road. Not all motorcyclists would have to engage in the act of riding in between traffic, but I believe that the option should be there if needed. [Arguments Against Lane

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