Legalization Of Cell Phones While Driving In The United States

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Today, with the increase in technological dependency, many car accidents are caused by the use of cellphones while driving. However, if a law restricts people from using their cellphones while driving, the amount of lawbreaking in the United States would increase and people would be more consumed in worrying about not using their phones than actually focusing on driving their best, potentially causing more accidents. I do not support this law and disagree with the idea of illegalizing cellphone use while driving. It has become part of human nature to rely on technological advances for a myriad of things. It would be very difficult for someone to suddenly break the habit of reaching for their phone while driving, if he or she is so dependent on those …show more content…

This law would enforce pressure upon people to suddenly stop their accustomed habits of relying on their cellphones while driving. People would ultimately feel stressed without having or using their most priced possessions and feel distracted from driving. For example, in the past I have felt a strong impulse to read a text message on my phone, as I drove, and I had to pay extra attention to the road to keep myself from reaching for my phone. Although, the rest of the time, I was more focused on the text and what it could have contained than thinking about how fast or slow I was supposed to be going. If people were to be more focused on the possibility of using their electronic device than their driving, then people would make more mistakes on the road and potentially cause accidents. In conclusion, I do not agree with this law and the restriction in cellphone use that it provokes. A law that illegalizes the use of cellphones while driving, would cause more lawbreaking to occur because of people's reliability on technology and their inability to stop using their cellphones while driving. Also, it would impose too much pressure on people to stop their habits and cause more

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