Pros And Cons Of Legalizing Drugs

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Drug, which may cause a physiological change in the body when consumed. There are varieties of drugs, such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin and more. It is scientifically proven that drugs are medically useful which can cure certain illness. On the contrary, some drugs are illegally used for an improper aim which can cause danger to the society. There are a lot of pros and cons of legalizing drugs.
Drugs may be advantageous in medical perspective. Marijuana, a type of drug which benefits a lot in medical form. It is usually used in the treatments for the patients who go through chemotherapy. Numerous reports and studies found that marijuana is useful in treating certain diseases such as multiple sclerosis, cancer, and AIDS. Marijuana can replace other medicines too, and it is less harmful than any other medicine used to treat ill patients.
The second pro of legalizing drug is it may decrease the government’s cost and increase the tax revenues. Based on the economy nowadays, most of the governments are struggling with the issue of low revenue yet high cost. In a study for the Cato Institute in 27th of September in 2010, Jeffrey A. Miron, senior lecturer on economics at Harvard University and a senior fellow at Cato, and Katherine Waldock, professor of economics at New York University, estimates that legalizing drugs would save the government expenses approximately $41.3 billion annually. (Jeffrey A. Miron and Katherine Waldock, 2010). Drugs legalization increase the drug
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