Pros And Cons Of Life Without Parole

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In the United States, there has been a lot of juveniles that have been subjected in jail with life without parole. In the United States there is a total amount of 200,000 juveniles that enter the adult criminal-justice system every year. Some family members of the juveniles that are in prison find that leaving them in jail for life with parole is a bad idea. In my opinion I think that the juveniles should have subjected to life without parole so they wouldn’t be in the streets causing more chaos or just serious problems in general.
In Pennsylvania, there is a lower limit for the age someone can be charged as an adult with adult homicide. In the article, “Convicted teen killer who fatally shot pregnant woman with shotgun in Pennsylvania when he was 11 released from juvenile custody” Boroff says,“In February of 2009,
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In the article, “On Punishment and Teen Killers,” Jenkins tells us that teens don’t have their brain well developed, so they need to act in a mature matter in a way they don’t cause any more trouble. The quote states, “But this actually disproves juvenile advocates’ reliance on the “underdeveloped brain” argument. If brain development were the reason, the teens would kill at roughly the same rates all over the world. They do not. Advocates often repeat, but truly misunderstand brain research on this issue”(Jenkins). This matters because the teens need to act in a maturely matter if they don’t want to end up in jail for the rest of their lives. This means that the teens are being convicted as if they were adults because they are committing serious crimes. That being said, that is not good for the country because the death rate and the juvenile rate keeps on increasing which is costing many lives of innocent people. I believe that juveniles or adults that commit serious crimes should be put in jail with life sentenced without
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