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1-liposuction procedure
Liposuction surgery is a sculpting surgery for your body. It eliminates unwanted stubborn fats which do not go away with exercise or diet. This type of fat is usually located in the hips, buttocks, waist, thigh, breasts etc. This type of stubborn fat is also found in male as breasts and tummy fat. Liposuction combined with other procedures helps a surgeon create a desired shape of the body as per patients need. It is also the safest and most popular cosmetic procedures.
The procedure for your surgery depends on the type of liposuction you are undergoing, the procedure may be performed at a clinic or a hospital. In case of complicated or surgery involving way too much fat to be removed, you may be asked to admit yourself
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• Sculpting areas of the body like hip and tummy that even exercise and diet fail to impact.
Liposuction is much safer and effective than ever before due to the advancement of the technology and techniques used by experts.

3-Where is liposuction surgery performed on the body
1. Women most commonly have which areas treated by liposuction?
The most frequently treated areas for women are the abdomen, breasts, hips, outer thighs, anterior thighs, inner thighs, knees, arms, buttocks, cheeks and neck.

2. Men most commonly have which areas treated by liposuction?
15% to 25% of the liposuction patients are men, the most commonly treated areas include
• Chin, Cheeks, & Jowls
• Abdomen
• Flanks
• Male Breast Reduction

Breast reduction by liposuction in both men and women tumescent liposuction is used to treat both men and women for a breast reduction as it recovers real quick. Breast size of a woman is reduced by a whopping 40% after surgery which helps in a noticeable change in the breasts. Liposuction helps in the lifting of female breasts by reducing the amount of fat in them either by reduction or removal. The fat is removed to an extent where the natural elasticity of breast tissues contract and give the breast a noticeable lift. Postoperation both male and female recover within a day or
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You should consult the physician with a great reputation and experience who offers a variety of options rather than traditional liposuction.

Uneven body shape
The very first limitation that one does not know before going ahead with liposuction is that it only dissolves fats to an extent and from a particular part of the body. This results in uneven body shape and results in the need for additional surgeries to be done after liposuction to shape up the body evenly.

Weight gain after liposuction
Liposuction does not guarantee permanent fat removal from the body. If you are suffering from obesity or other health issues you might gain weight even post surgery. Diet is the key to establish a healthy body even post liposuction surgery as eating junk food post surgery may fatten your body even more than before. Cost factor in liposuction
Liposuction is expensive but still affordable with various health plans like medical insurance, EMI schemes etc. People who require undergoing liposuction need to bear the cost of surgery to live a healthy life in future hence getting your finances in place is recommended before

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