Pros And Cons Of Living In Condominium

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A condominium is similar to an apartment with the real difference being that the tenants own their units. There is usually a condo association of some type that is responsible for the common areas such as walkways, roofs, and exterior structures and landscaping. The members of the association are often other owners from within the complex. The costs of caring for such things are paid for by all of the individual owners from association dues and assessments. The biggest pro of living in such a dwelling lies in not having the responsibility of taking care of such things as lawn care and other forms of maintenance that are an inherent part of home ownership. A condo is truly a carefree life and often has expensive amenities you can not inexpensively find in a single family dwelling, such as swimming pools, gyms and clubhouses.…show more content…
All condos have rules on how you may behave. Some do not allow pets, exterior decorations and old junk cars. Also a condo IS an apartment, and as such you must be aware of any behavior on your part that may disturb your neighbors. If you are looking to purchase a condo for investment purposes, there are also a few pros and cons you should be aware of ahead of time. This article will tell you about some of them so you can make an informed decision about rather condo investing is right for you.

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