Pros And Cons Of Living In Usa

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Life in USA There are many advantages of Indians settling abroad and going to have kids or already have children. The main positive things are learning English as this is becoming Global Language. Also will get confidence about speaking and having a word with any kind of person from abroad and talking about any kind of topic. Last but not the least, US gives good opportunity to work and live and will give really good stability in the life. So not a bad option to move to US and work, settle there for future as it is one of the most developed country in the world. Diverse population. - Diverse landscape & climates. - Strongest collection of colleges in the world. - Unrivaled leader in science, medical research, and high technology. The world would suck…show more content…
f you were to ask any Indian or international living in US, this is probably the most thought or discussed question: “Settle in US or go back home?” There are similar thoughts for people in India or any other country too. I lived in India and US for quite some time, so I can share my thoughts on both of them. Some of the common questions everyone encounter are : Life in USA vs. Life in India ? When should I leave US and go back home ? Is it good to settle in US or return home country India ? I can keep on writing the questions. In fact, one of our readers requested to share my thoughts on this topic..their logic is, if you are an IT person, you can choose to settle wherever you want to either US or India…you just have to make a decision….I think it makes logical sense… Anyways, I plan to write a series of articles corresponding to this question. My goal behind the series is to give my perspective and let you make an educated and logical decision… All the below list of topics will be written comparing America vs. India. ADVANTAGES • Having access to employment opportunities, opportunities which respect the worker’s rights. • The possibility of choosing among 50 states with the most adequate climate to

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