Pros And Cons Of Lobbyism

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America is known by many to be the best countries in the world but there are still many things that stand in the way of the american dream (Stealing From America). One of these things is corporate lobbyist. These people have slowly taken over american democracy with pay to play corruption and giant lobbying teams (The Atlantic). Nowadays unions and protest have been much less successful in stopping the behemoth that is a corporate lobbying team(Secular Talk). Corporation will continue to grow wealth inequality in america if we do nothing about it. Corporations spend about 2.6 billion a year on lobbying expenditures (The Atlantic). This rises more every year and has been a the rise since the gilded age. In the 1960s there was a new set of…show more content…
An example of this would be in 2000 whenever pharmaceutical lobbyists had the idea of pushing for medicare part D(The Atlantic). Medicare Part D is a prescription drug benefit but it bans bulk purchasing resulting in companies making a 205 billion dollar benefit(The Atlantic). This is why drug prices in america are virtually higher than in any other country resulting in you having to pay more of your hard earned money. What makes today different than the 60s is that today corporations now have the resources to play both sides of the field on almost any top priority issue. The said main reason corporations lobby is ¨to protect the company against changes in government policy¨(The Atlantic). Seems like that 's kinda hard to believe. Some people see nothing wrong with the way corporations lobby. Corporation have been able to lobby forever so why is it a big deal now right? Well nowadays corporations are allowed to give money to people in political positions (Secular Talk). Once given the money the person in power would do favors for the business (Stealing From America). Let 's say a pharmaceutical company pays for a congressman 's campaign. Once a bill comes that would drop drug prices that elected congressman would vote against it (Secular talk). This has been happening for awhile now but i think that it 's time to get money out of
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