Pros And Cons Of Losing Solitude

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Why is it that humans have grown into this immense fear of solitude, have we developed in such a way that we cannot be without one another in this ever-connected state of the world? In past generations, this isolation would have been considered a gift that only the privileged or the determined would be able to possess, but now with smartphones and other technology controlling our lives at every second of the day, we are afraid of it. We are afraid to be alone. We are afraid to be bored. As Deresiewicz points out, “...losing solitude, what have they lost? First, the propensity for introspection.” It is pointed out here that our generation has lost the ability to look within ourselves. This is directly connected to our obsession with technology, we simply can not ever be alone. Spending so much time on our cell phones and computers we are constantly connected to the world around us. Zomorodi further exemplifies these ideas in her challenge…show more content…
These feelings bring us hope, they bring us into ourselves which proves itself to be more important with each passing day. Solitude is being abolished due to the pressure we take from technology in our lives, quickly humans and technology are becoming co-dependent. This is not to say that technology is despicable or that we should put an end to these items that make our daily lives remarkably easier, but that we must be comfortable with ourselves before we can embrace them. In the same way, one should not go into a serious relationship without first loving themselves. Solitude, and in turn, Introspection allows you delve into your mind, reflect on life and the person you are today, as well as the person you wish to become. Without it we find ourselves stuck in our ways and, in an odd respect, inevitably more alone than when a person is actually isolated. We have grown into a false sense of connectivity, but to truly connect to one another, we must first connect with our own
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