Pros And Cons Of Lowering Age Drinking

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On June 15,2013, in Burleson Texas, Ethan Couch lost control, colliding with a group of people assisting another driver with his car in the ditch. Ethan Couch was intoxicated, driving on a restricted license, and was speeding in a residential area. Ethan was only 16 when this crash happened and it was because he was intoxicated. This story demonstrated that drinking under the legal age can take many innocent people’s lives away. In the United States you must be 21 to have a alcoholic drink, but each state is different if you are cought under age drinking. In Texas they have a zero- tolerance law, where if you are under 21 and driving while under the influence, you go to jail. If you travel out of the country the age limit is a wide variety. In Canada half of the countries legal drinking age is 18 but on the other side of the country you must be 19 to drink. If you travel across the ocean to France their age requirement is much lower than the United States. In France you can buy wine or beer at age 16. At age 18 you can get spirits and liquor. France also made a law that stated that kids 16 can not by any alcoholic past 11pm to reduce the number of kids drunk driving. It’s imperative that the legal drinking age not to be lowered to 19 because it impacts one 's health, lower students success, and would risk many lives. The first reason it’s critical that we don 't lower the legal drinking age is because drinking alcohol impacts a person 's health. According to a Bulletin On

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