Pros And Cons Of Lowering The Drinking Age

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In my opinion, the current drinking age which is 21 should not be minimized to the age of 18 for many reasons. High school dropouts, rapes, teenage pregnancy, and also many young people in jail are just some of the few consequences students face when they consume drinking alcohol at an early age. Some people might feel like there 's nothing that we could do as a community to stop teenagers from drinking once they have already started, but some people might feel as though the current drinking age is the reason why most teens started drinking at an early age due to curiosity. In my perspective lowering the drinking age would lead to lazy teens with minimum education relying on the government for assistance. Teenagers would also depend on their parents for money. Also, I believe that teenagers should take an alcohol or responsible test to be able to drink alcohol. Having a test would let teenagers know how serious it is when it comes to drinking alcohol. Teenager’s brains are still developing due to the age difference. Parents need to know that drinking alcohol is a very dangerous thing for teens at a young age. Some of the effects of alcohol on teenagers? Alcohol is one of the most important thing that the government should take seriously. Teenage pregnancy is one of the many reasons why the government should not lower the drinking age. In my opinion, this would increase the number of teenage parents which is an issue the government has been trying to prevent for many years.
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