Pros And Cons Of Lowering The Driving Age

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Driving Ages
Driving. The most common way of transportation in this wonderful twenty-first century. When you were a teen did some of the best memories involve you getting or driving a car? To go shopping with your friends, to drive around town, or even just to show off to your classmates? Wouldn't it be fantastic if the driving age lowered and you or your posterity had more years of memories, and experience of driving? In this argument, I want to explain the reasons of why we should lower the age of driving and give the next generation more experience and space to develop the skills necessary to drive. I will be talking about why this should happen, how this will positively affect our lives, and a possible solution to this ongoing endeavor to lower the ages of driving.
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If the age was lowered than we could cut down on our busing expenses of fueling, running, repairing, and even owning the vehicle. Furthermore, life would be less of a hassle, rushing tired and groggy teens out the doors to get to the bus before it leaves the stop. The teens would be able to leave at any time they wanted to drive themselves to school without a specific time limit. Convenience is a huge part the “for argument” of the driving age. There is constantly times when the teens ask to get rides to extra-curricular activities, parties, the mall, and many other activities, that sometimes it would be better for them to drive

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