Pros And Cons Of MIS Book Council

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MIS Book Council Midtown International School should not create a book advisory council. Censoring books can create a bad vibe that can lead to drugs and pornography. Press is also being limited about serious topics that could save lives. The book advisory council would counteract the constitutions first amendment. Finally if you don 't tell the kids what is happening in the bad things somewhere in the world then they will not understand right from wrong. When most kids are younger they read and Tango makes Three. That book was banned because thinks it was homosexual ( It is about two male penguins that adopt an egg. Another example is Brave New World it was banned because "A parent had complained that the book has a “high volume…show more content…
They will find the truth out sooner or later. If they do not live with real life they would not know right from wrong. Life can be harsh and you need to learn about at an early age so you can be prepared. High school senior SaraRose Martin wanted to tell her peers about a serious problem called "dabbing" (Balingit, Para 3). The principal decided to yank the article from the newspaper because it was to "mature" to be in the newspaper even though it could save lives. Censoring books is not a new phenomenon. Is goes back to 399 B.C.E. (Lehigh). The founding fathers probably wanted to get away from all the restrictions and banning of books. That is why our country is a Finally the difference between a terrorist and a normal person is their knowledge of right and wrong. Knowing what is right and what is wrong changes peoples views of the world. There acts are also changed. While what religion they are changes a bit it doesn 't change that much. All in all there should not be a student book council because it can lead to drugs and pornography. It can also lead to deaths of people that didn 't have enough viable information. Finally since we are in the USA we need to abide by the Constitution. - Owen J.
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