Pros And Cons Of Mainstream Schools Essay

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Pros of Mainstream schooling
Education ensures a productive future for everyone, it opens minds of people. People get to learn about history of cultures, values and it broadens mental setting. There are different ways in which children are taught parents have an option of sending their children to school or to home school. Although home schooling is on the increase parents still send their kids to mainstream schooling. There are pros of sending a child to school because of having a teacher who is able to choose materials relevant to the learners, feedback is given directly as learners are able to communicate with the teacher and show understanding. To ensure effective learning experience methods such as small group discussions are beneficial,
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Being around others increases individual motivation and creates greater commitment to your work (Steinberg and Angelopulo, 2015). Although there are still issues in mainstream schooling such as classes that are overcrowded causing other students to lose focus, and issues of discipline a teacher is able to encourage learners to work with her by asking questions this also gives feedback to ensure effective learning. In a class room setting a learner is able to get direct feedback about areas that they need to improve on. Teachers provide cognitive challenging material that makes learners think out of the box (Phil and Sue, 1999). Mainstream schooling is helpful to help learners be ready for the world, they learn how to interact and work together with other learners that come of different cultures, and social backgrounds. Teachers are able to make students think critically, generalize information and help them adapt to new information they learned. Teacher, student and peer interaction creates a social dynamic culture it makes learning meaningful and promotes a group identity amongst the students (Sternberg and Zhang, 2001).
An advantage of being in a classroom setting is that the information that the teacher is giving is accurate as they have knowledge and are qualified in their
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