Pros And Cons Of Mandatory Gym Time In Public School

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Jim trips hits his head and goes to the nurse 's office. Fat Luke is laughed at and mocked while the rest of the students are standing around doing nothing, this sounds a lot like gym these days. Why should children be forced to go through every time they walk through the gym doors? Nothing good ever happens in the gym and that needs to stop. If parents knew what was happening in the gym there would be no gym, if schools realized the zero percent positive effect it had on the students there would be no gym, if children told what happened in and protested gym there would be no gym. Parents and schools need to realize what is actually happening in the gym and why it needs to be cut or changed. The paragraphs below are here to explain that. As shown above, gym should not remain a mandatory subject in schools because gym time does not keep children active, gym time can be better spent on core classes, and gym time hurts children physically and mentally. To begin with, gym time does not keep children active. The article The Pros and Cons of Mandatory gym Class in Public Schools states that, “The average high school gym class only keeps students physically active for an average of 16 minutes! In a class period that is about 45 minutes long, that isn’t a lot of active time.” Gym does not keep children active the whole time through and use all it 's time it 's just being a waste of money and time. Why pay to have children stay inactive almost the whole time gym is supposed to keep
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