Pros And Cons Of Mandatory Insurance On Birth Control

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Mandatory Insurance Coverage on Birth Control: Good or Bad? “Unplanned pregnancies can have severe consequences, such as physical and emotional stress, as well as financial hardship” (Friedman). The Affordable Care Act put into action on March 23, 2010 mandated that insurance companies fully cover contraceptives for women (Pecquet). Nearly 30 million women are already benefiting greatly from this mandate (Chesler and Flynn, “The Contraceptive Mandate”). The question that comes to mind with this bill is whether or not it is good or bad. Mandatory insurance coverage on birth control is benefiting women and families all over the country, in ways such as women’s health, welfare recipients, and family planning. One major area being affected…show more content…
Even though the birth control pill wasn’t very expensive before the mandate the cost did vary throughout insurance companies. With the insurance mandate to fully cover birth control cost women have one less thing to pay for. To some families that one less cost wouldn’t really make a difference, as for welfare recipients any little cost that is covered helps drastically. The third main benefit goes to family planning. This is huge because it incorporates everyone. To grow a family it requires the cooperation of both parents and the children. Time once again plays a part in this. That is just what the birth control pill gives a woman. Family planning is broken into three parts that it is benefited in. One is poverty, another in unintended pregnancies, and the last is population…show more content…
The insurance coverage allows the planning of families. They can be sure they have enough money to have a child. Families can be given time to save money to make sure all pre natal expenses are covered. Money also needs to be put away for the money spent during newborn and toddler years. Whether a family is starting a family or growing one, money for the future needs to be set aside. Though that many years seems like a lot a family needs to plan for all of that. The expense of having children is a very fast way to drop under the poverty level. Knowing how much time you have to save money for children is given to you with the pill. In order to stay above poverty, you must save money for children with the money made from your job. A job is another thing needed to stay away from poverty and help families. When a person has a job it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s beneficial, long lasting, or well money making job. A family needs at least one person if not two people to have stabilized jobs. A family can’t rely on money or being able to have children if they don’t have a reliable job and income. The birth control pill allows women to have a stabilized job or at least have a partner that does before getting
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