Pros And Cons Of Mandatory Military Conscription Essay

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The debate as to whether a country should have mandatory military conscription has been discussed and practiced in places all over the globe. For the United States, implementing this would have several benefits from which the country could profit on. With this required aspect, there could be a promotion to the nation’s unity in which people would have a sense of equality to one another. Also, it would ensure all receive basic skills to place themselves further within other job careers. Finally, the mandatory service brings better awareness and participation with the government. Mandatory military conscription provides several advantages which are useful and beneficial to the United States. Foremost, this demand would set an even playing field for people to look at one another with the same view. With today, people have all earned their respective lives in different ways, leading to different views of subjects. This variety makes it hard for people to find common ground or a single point to have for reference. Nevertheless, with military conscription in demand, they would’ve all been soldiers within their lives and have the same experiences to limit the differences that may be more observable. It would be very difficult…show more content…
There is a furtherance for equality on a national scale. Everyone would have an experience of dealing with the risks associated towards military members and have a sense of honor for their country. Also, Service allows for a greater dispersal of skills and experience that can aid in civilian careers and furthering the economy. Finally, required service of individuals would ensure higher levels of government awareness and participation by giving them the exposure of the threats that face the country and the decisions that must be made. For these reasons, a mandatory military conscription provides advantages and benefits for the United

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