Pros And Cons Of Mandatory Volunteering

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I agree with the state men on how students should have mandatory volunteering, with the idea of mandatory volunteer work would advance so many of they 're skills. Teens should be apart of mandatory volunteer but most of think it’s not a good idea because it might take time away from what they actually want to do. But they don’t realize it has good benefits when you In many ways and your community. It helps with social skills to communicate with others then just online, it has you involved in the community and looks good on college application for future jobs. The first, reason why I think my claim is correct because of you always hear how “students never had time to do volunteer work’” or that “that they have too much stuff on their plate’. They always say they don 't have time but they 're lying they do have time but half of the time when they 're at home they 're on their phones. As teens by on they 're phones for than 5 hours a day talking, texting, or on social media sites causes them to be shy in public to actual people and causes them to have social anxiety. And this affecting they 're studies per a day, by them not keeping track of time on their school work.But knowing that you have to put mandatory volunteering work they have to mandatory they 're hours more in order to put in their studies. In the article, it says,”While some people are naturally outgoing others are shy and have a hard time meeting new people, volunteering gives you the

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