Marketing Reflection Paper

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10- Conclusions and Recommendations
The author discussed his learning related to 'Marketing Perspectives' module and integrate his knowledge to improve his skills and create unique strategies for his personal career. Indeed, during the module, the author has realised the vital role of understanding and implementing marketing practices that will assist him to achieve substantial outcomes for his career. To achieve his targets, the author plans to incorporate his learning and find out the adequate strategies that he must follow to improve his decision-making capabilities. Thus, the author seeks to explore effective ways of analysing and using marketing information for adequate decision making and enhancing the efficiency of his business.
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Hence, in his future career the author aims to enhance his insight regarding the role of branding in relationship with purchasing behaviours. Therefore, in his future marketing and management practices, the author plans to position customers to the centre of brand image in order to achieve customer trust and advocacy as well as expand brand's message to other…show more content…
Since the 'Marketing Perspectives' module has started, the author's understanding of marketing framework has been changed significantly. Now, the author is aware about stakeholders engagement, co-creation of value, service-dominant logic (SDL), holistic marketing concept, market segmentation variables, customer advocacy, positive word-of-mouth, evaluating marketing information, the role of branding in relationship with purchasing behaviours, 4Ps of marketing mix, new paradigms of marketing mix, relationship marketing, as well as using adequate marketing research and analysis methods, understanding differences related to purchasing behaviours in B2C and B2B markets, realising the role of ethics and CSR in the marketing practices, and developing effective marketing
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