Mass Shootings and the Right to Bear Firearms

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Mass Shooting Most people argue that everyone should have a right to bear firearms. However, unlimited access to guns endangers the safety of the society. Guns can fall in the hands of bloodthirsty offenders or of mentally unstable people. Therefore, firearms should be controlled and must be allowed based on certain qualifications. Most mass shooters have no solid reason or any emotional ties with their victims, but they all have access to firearms. For some mentally unstable people, having the gun by itself might be tempting to try something new. According to, “The places change, the numbers change, but the choice of weapon remains the same. In the United States, people who want to kill a lot of other people most often do it with guns.” This makes the issue about gun control. Beside the loss of lives, the number of gun violence the country has experienced in a short period of time makes the issue more serious. Thus, lawmakers need to step up and pass stricter gun control laws. When compared to other developed countries, the USA has a higher gun related…show more content…
As Hemenway mentions this in his book, despite the second amendment most Americans prefer uncompromising gun control laws as well as registration of firearms (152). This tells us how the public is threatened by the fact that anyone can commit mass murder any time. In addition to this, lack of trust among the members of the society creates less communication and more stress. Most people believe that financial benefit from the gun market has tied up the lawmakers. According to, NRA (National Rifle Association) spends millions of dollars on senates and house races, which enables the association to control and silence the politicians. The source also states that NRA has more than five million members who support the association to raise
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