Pros And Cons Of Mechanical Engineering

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Just like the spine is the backbone of human body, Mechanical engineering is the backbone of every industry. It’s contributes from designing , fabricating , processing of a small toy to establishing big plants and machinery systems. Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest branch of engineering which apply laws of physics to design ,manufacture of mechanically equipped instruments and systems. Simply, Mechanical engineering gives life to inanimate objects, be it humans or complex machines , thus anything that moves is the result of mechanical engineering. A mechanical engineer is one who applies his/her set of skills to make a thing work. He/She needs to apply technical and scientific applications into the project and take the final product into the marketplace. Since every industry requires machinery to function, hence mechanical engineering is a diverse and broad subject.
Positive and negatives
Mechanical engineers get provided with medical, dental, and vision coverage.
High Paid salary

Mechanical engineering contains the lowest percentage of women.
Work environment can be tough due to high competition.

Skills required
An individual needs to master certain technical skills.
Computer proficiency is required to draft software 's and work on other applications to design products models etc.
May be required to work on field , so knowledge of tools and other equipment is a must.
Needs to be hardworking and taking no short cuts or skipping steps in
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