Function Of Media Essay

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The word 'media ' is derived from the term 'medium ' which means 'carrier '. Thus, the media is a carrier of information to the masses. The renowned linguist and critic of the media, Noam Chomsky, defines media as a “system for communicating messages and symbols to the general populace.”1 Among the many purposes that the media serves, is providing entertainment and information. Media coverage determines one 's perception of the world. Media can broadly be classified into two types – print media and electronic media. Print media includes newspapers, periodicals and magazines. Electronic media includes radio, television, Internet, etc. Another important type of media is 'social media '. Social media refers to websites and other online communication…show more content…
Firstly, the media acts as an informer to the masses. News is relayed from various sources to the consumers – the society. Earlier, news would take a much longer time to reach the target audience from the source. However, with the introduction of media and the advancement of technology, news reaches us within a few seconds. Rallying information can work both ways. Take opinion polls, for instance. Here, the media takes valuable information from the masses and conveys it to political parties who will change their campaigning strategy accordingly. Secondly, the media helps in the creation of opinion. Newspapers contain editorials and op-ed columns, while there are lively debates on current issues taking place on television. These not only convey the required information, but also influence the stance one takes on the issue. This can be a tricky point, and hence, will be addressed in greater detail in the section on abuse of media. Branching off from the point regarding formation of opinion, the media also helps keep the government in check. Investigative reporting is an crucial role that the media plays – it looks into cases of corruption, inefficient handling of resources, etc., and strives to expose the truth to the masses. Advertisements, also a kind of media, play several functions of their own. They inform consumers about products and services available in the market. They can also be used to send…show more content…
For starters, it has enabled me to have an opinion. From the refugee crisis in Syria to Pahlaj Nihalani going bezerk with the Censor Board in India, the media has covered an extensive variety of issues, and has even gone to the extent of putting forth arguments that help me shape my opinion. It has made me more aware of what is happening around me. Terrorists bomb Paris. Here I am, 7844 km away, in Bangalore, eyes glued to the television, watching what is happening in Frace live, hoping that the situation will be under control. As for the rapid circulation of media online, I am grateful for the social network I have online. However, I am immensely cautious about what content I upload, for I am of the opinion that the social media is like a horcrux – part of your soul lives there. Even if you are gone, your social media account will live on. Saving the most dismal effect to the end, with a heavy heart, I confess to being one of those desensitized beings that I described earlier on. I admit to tuning into The Newshour every now and then, not to analyse the arguments that the panelists put forth (not that there are many), but rather, to get a high out of seeing one poor panelist being pounced on by the rest of the panelists, as well as the moderator. As much as I wish I could say something in my defense, I have nothing to help me make my case, except for the fact that
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