Mid Trimester Abortion Research Paper

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Abortion is the medical termination of an unborn fetus. The termination is usually performed in the first 28 weeks. The procedure they use is called suction aspiration. “During the first twelve weeks the cervix opening is widened with rods of increasing size and a tube is then inserted into the uterus. The fetus and placenta are vacuumed out. The uterus is then scraped with an instrument called a curette to make sure that no products remain behind. This operation takes less than 15 minutes.” (Method of Surgical Abortion). If the client is over 12 weeks then the patient needs to have mid-trimester abortion. The mid-trimester abortion is very similar to the first trimester abortion, but you have to go more in depth with the cervix. They start…show more content…
People who are pro-choice are more likely to let women decide whatever they want. When women are allowed to feel free in their own bodies and make their own decisions about what happens to their bodies it makes them feel powerful. They feel like they have unlimited autonomy with their bodies and reproductive systems. The women who feel and think that they have power over themselves feel a sense of security and feel like they have the same rights as men. Women should never have to feel pressure to carry a fetus or to feel less than superior to men. Most of the women who terminate their pregnancies usually get shunned by the public, media 's and sometimes even family members. These women should never feel shame or guilt for terminating their fetus, they should feel content with whatever their decision…show more content…
There are always other options for giving up babies other than abortion. Adoption is the biggest alternative to abortion. Adoption is a second option because it allows you to give that child a better life than you would have provided. Another reason why you shouldn’t abort your child is because all babies have a heartbeat. From the time of conception to the day they are born, that child has a heartbeat and should continue life with that heartbeat. Making abortion illegal could be useful to control how many abortions people are allowed to receive. With putting a limit on how many abortions people are allowed to get, the government has more control over how many fetuses are dying due to random and useless
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