Pros And Cons Of Medical Malpraligence

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3.0 Pros & Cons of Mediation And The Challenges Faced 3.1 Pros Mediation in medical field answer to most problems associated with medical malpractice litigation. “Mediation consists of the use of a neutral third party to facilitate a discussion between two opposing parties in an informal environment where the parties have the opportunity to discuss accusations or other elements of conflict.” The dispute settlement agreements reached through mediation mostly will be accurate . This happens only in the sense that the individuals directly involved are responsible for reaching them. If the mediation process goes successfully , the plaintiff or the victims who got affected in the medical negligence will leave with the feeling that they were fairly compensated for their loss or injury, that they were heard and someone was held accountable. While the other party of the dispute or specifically the defendant will feel satisfied that they had the opportunity to explain themselves, possibly apologize and helped make the plaintiff whole again, without jeopardizing their own career or reputation. Even in this context the public or community will also gain some advantages for example by having court costs decreased, less backlog in the court system and more accountability for doctors and medical providers as a whole. Another pro or the advantage of mediation in medical negligence can be seen in its scope of flexibility where more creative solutions exist .This is
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