Essay On Medical Surveillance

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Chapter One Introduction 1.1. Introduction Surveillance has been around a long time. And it has historically focused on close observation of individuals exposed to a communicable disease such that early clinical future of the disease could be detected and prompt isolation and control check imposed. This form of surveillance is referred to as medical surveillance. A more recent form of surveillance that include continuous monitoring and follow- up for outbreak within a population. Over the last 40 years the uses and practices of surveillance have evolved dramatically—surveillance has come to include infection control efforts due to the monitoring of a wide variety of health events, such as acute and chronic diseases, injuries,…show more content…
Surveillance systems include routine reporting, sentinel surveillance surveillance that considered community-based reporting. Data from ongoing surveillance should be linked with official or responsibility of health facility assessments, population surveys, and outbreak investigations to provide information for building planning, implementation, evaluation, and follow-up for determine the health events. Evaluation of surveillance systems should assess the extent to which data are used for policy-making and improvement, and the simplicity, accuracy, completeness, timeliness and cost of the data. The surveillance of vaccine-preventable diseases to monitor progress towards disease control targets and monitor health status. The establishment of goals to reduce measles cases by 90%, eliminate neonatal tetanus, hepatitis B, diphtheria,TB, and eradicate poliomyelitis has put increased emphasis on the need for effective disease surveillance. This opportunity should be taken to promote strengthening of national routine systems for disease surveillance, to make them effective instruments for prevention and control of diseases of public health
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