Pros And Cons Of Medical Tourism

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Abstract This case study is about the medical tourism and Thailand country which is showing rapid growth in this area. In this study, we going to explain about the medical tourism and what is covered under it. Then what are the facts, figure, reason which make the Thailand major attraction in medical tourism. And, to make it grow rapidly. In this we also talk about the major hospitals and their related global authorities which supporting this industry in Thailand. In compare to market, other countries what are the pros and cons of Thailand medical tourism. Although reliable estimates of the annual number of people travelling abroad to purchase medical services – so-called medical tourists – are difficult to identify, there has been a rise…show more content…
Along with we are detailing credibility of Thailand to be preferred for medical tourism. Introduction As Hospitality degree student, I choose the topic “Understanding the factors that influences the growth of Medical tourism in Thailand” for my module independent case study. I choose this topic of its uniqueness of combination. Usually people associate the tourism with pleasure and luxury and keep it as to-do list but utilizing this medical traveling as a tourism is new point view and not only its enhance the tourism scope also include the social service aspect. And as I look around the world I found Thailand is quite advance setup on this area. My basic aim to understand how the medical tourism works, what are the things involved in this process, where it’s booming, scope, benefits and drawbacks. Medical is a field which is always enhancing not only for cure but for improvement of mankind, its continuous growing area and associated it with tourism providing rest. Luxury, entertainment etc. make it more attractive. I have summarized the objective of this case study in basically 3…show more content…
In this section, we are exploring the cost in Thailand and comparing it with another country. My research is used the reference of the motivation theory, which proved what motivate the people to come mostly Thailand for medical tourism. This theory is proving lots of motivate points in people to choose the Thailand for medical tourism purpose. Another theory which I used in my research is the pull and push. Which gives us an idea what things or reason push people to leave their native region and seek medical treatment outside. Also, what are the pull factors of Thailand which let them choose it for medical tourism. One more theory which I mention is lipeir theory about people, place and industry which proved how people service, climate and industry scope helping Thailand to increase their medical

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