Pros And Cons Of Medical Woodstock

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The Medicinal Woodstock “...I am here to apologize... because I [did not] look hard enough, until now.” (Sanjay Gupta, Source 2). This quote comes directly from Sanjay Gupta’s, CNN’s senior medical correspondent, article entitled “Why I Changed My Mind on Weed,” (2013). He wrote it as an apology for misleading the public in 2009 in his article “Why I Would Vote No on Pot,” in which he stated the cons against medical marijuana, and why he believed it should not be legalized. Medical marijuana has been an extremely controversial topic in the United States – as states across the nation legalize it, and others stay true to the ban – but, overall, it should be legalized. It is not uncommon for people, like Doctor Gupta, to change their stance on…show more content…
Some may even go as far to say it is the ultimate pain reliever. It can prevent tumor growth through its active ingredient, cannabinoid, which inhibits the growth of the tumor; it has antispasmodic components which help reduce seizures; its treatment of glaucoma is one of the best ever documented; it can help symptoms of Crohn’s Disease, like diarrhea; a single dose can significantly help symptoms of Tourette’s Syndrome; it can almost wipe out the main symptom of a migraine: the headache; it can stop muscle spasms caused by multiple sclerosis; it can help prevent Alzheimer’s; and many more. (All according to Source 4). It can even help with cancer and AIDS. (Source 2). An amazing 76% of American doctors and 66% of British voters approve of medical marijuana use to help cure or treat symptoms of these diseases. Not to mention, medical marijuana has a shockingly low potential for abuse, especially when compared with other, more extreme, yet legal, pain relievers. It has been proven multiple times that this is true. The American College of Physicians stated in 2008 that “ACP urges review of marijuana’s status as a schedule I drug and its reclassification... regarding marijuana’s safety and efficacy in some clinical conditions,” (Source 2). This proves that it is far less harmful and addictive than other schedule one drugs like heroin and LSD. It is very safe to use and its lack of addictiveness means most people who use it for…show more content…
While it may not directly treat diseases, it can prevent their symptoms from developing or prevent some diseases from even developing at all. It can help treat all kinds of symptoms, from those of AIDS to those of multiple sclerosis. Also, it is far less addictive and far less likely to be abused than other pain relievers like oxycodone and morphine. This drug can truly help millions (even billions) of people. Not to mention, governments can make a lot of money taxing it, leading to better education, infrastructure, and more. It can help eradicate diseases like cancer by stopping tumors from growing before they begin. Marijuana is quite possibly one of the most important medicines the world has ever
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