Pros And Cons Of Microorganisms

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Good, Bad or Both
Anthony van Leeuwenhoek was one of the first people who observe microorganisms; using microscopes of his own design. Microorganisms are both good and bad to humans. They cannot be seen by the naked eye. Some microorganisms break down dead plants to give off important materials (Decomposers); some are made as medicine to cure. In this article, it will be written about how diseases spread, how we make them as medicine, types of them and how some help us.

Infectious disease Microorganism that causes the disease Type of Microorganism
Cold Rhinovirus Virus
Chickenpox Varicella zoster Virus
Malaria Plasmodium falciparum Protozoan
German measles Rubella Virus
Whooping cough Bordatella pertussis Bacteria
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Since most tropical countries have fresh water, Mosquitoes can spawn (reproduce). The mosquitoes is called a vector. There are many more vectors than a mosquito for example, fleas, ticks, snails and others. Disease can also be caused by eating expired and toxic foods. Some people are born with genetic diseases. These are the diseases because of an error and mutation in a person’s DNA. An example of a mutation is cancer. Living in an unhealthy environment can cause…show more content…
Unicellular means that they only have one cell. The Moneran group cells are way simpler than other living thing’s cell. The Monera group cells doesn’t have nucleus, just like the red blood cell and also other parts.
Bacteria are very small organisms that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Bacterial cells doesn’t have a nucleus (written above showing that Moneran group cells have no nucleus) Bacteria only have one cell, they are all around us and there are ten times more bacterial cells then there are on our human cells on our bodies. Viruses
Viruses are tiny living parasites which can infect other living organisms. It is made only by nucleic acid (nucleic acid are molecules where genetic information is stored) and a protein coat. Viruses are way smaller than Bacteria. They can’t be seen by any microscope in that time until the invention of the electron microscope.
In this section, Viruses have been infecting other living organisms.
Protoctista group
Let’s call them protists Protists are single celled organisms that make their own food by photosynthesis. They live in water and damp

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