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Microwave Ovens The microwave oven was used to detect Nazi bomber planes in World War ll. It consists of magnetrons, which is a tube that creates microwaves. Magnetrons were installed in Britain’s radar system. Thus allowed them to detect bomber planes. The microwave oven wasn’t originally used to cook/heat food. Perry LeBron Spencer was the man that discovered that microwave ovens could heat food. He had a candy bar in his pocket and the radar waves melted it. Further experiments showed that they could heat a lot of other foods. After this discovery they put the microwave oven on the market. The microwave oven was so large and expensive that only restaurants and larger corporations could afford to buy them. I find that ironic, because now…show more content…
Are they bad for your health? Dr. Joseph M. Mercola is a licensed surgeon as well as a licensed physician. He wrote an article about why microwave ovens are bad for you to use, because they affect your health. In this article he has some valid reasons as to why you shouldn’t use them, but on the other hand half of his article is irrelevant. Today we’re going to put some myths to rest, as well as talk about some important health risks involved with using a microwave…show more content…
There are always pros and cons to basically everything out there that this world offers. Microwave ovens are no exception. Pros: Microwave ovens have offered society a fast and easy way to heat food. You can make food one night pack it up in a Tupper wear container and take it to school/ work for lunch, because you can heat it up easily in the microwave. It makes life much more convenient for busy families. For instance parents that work late shifts or children that have sports practice. ( Cons: Like I’ve said microwaves have made it easier to cook food its also made it cheaper. Being able to eat a hot meal within minutes has allowed people to eat at anytime without putting forth any effort. Now a days you have isles specifically made for frozen meals. These meals are easy to cook, so tons of people but them. The problem with this is these meals are full of sodium, fat, and cholesterol. This has helped lead to the obesity epidemic in America. (www.

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