Pros And Cons Of Military Dogs

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The U.S. Military has dogs for one reason. To use as tools to track bombs and many other dangers. The men and women risk their lives to serve for this country of ours. The dogs risk their lives just as well. These warriors should have a right to choose to stay together or become two alone again. Right back to the same old start. Have you ever experienced war in another country? Well over 75% of the U.S. Army, Air force, Marines, and Color Guard have. If these hero’s are serving this country they should have a 100% right to keep their war buddies. Every day these people fight and prepare. The text states, ”here in Sangin--one of the most dangerous places in Afghanistan (and in the world)-- Jose had a deadly job to do: to find bombs hidden by taliban fighters.” ”Zenit was a military working dog, specially trained to sniff out explosives.”…show more content…
This is like on the movie Where the Red Fern Grows. The soldiers are away from their family. They must feel lonesome. Then some meet a soon to be friend and partner. After all is done they get injured or retires from the military they then go home to their family but still leave behind a piece of their heart, life, and best friend. the text states, “I was furious,” Jose says, and jealous. We were a team. I just wanted my dog back.” But Zenit did not belong to Jose he belonged to the military.” have you ever had a pet such as a dog or cat? If so then you would probably be very down hearted if you had it taken away and to never see it again. Once a man or woman bonds with another human or animal, the bond can never be broken. It is not like you can just time travel and delete every moment of time together. In the text it states.”Man and dog bonded right away, like they were made for each other.” “Meanwhile, Jose was intent on getting Zenit back. “Nothing felt right without him,” Jose

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