Pros And Cons Of Military Spending

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Throughout the history of the United States, military power has been one of the biggest sources of national pride. Now we have hit a point where, according to some people, the military has become too large and the costs are too expensive. Others would argue that the military size is a trademark of the United States, and is vital to the safety of the country. Mainstream media constantly publicizes the debates over military size, and this debate has become ever more important with the increasing severity of the war on terror. What makes this argument so unique is the amount of different viewpoints there are on this topic and that it pertains to all American Citizens. Although there are many different views on this topic, arguments over United States military spending are focused on three main issues; cost, size, and global relations.
National Budget and Military Costs
As with every government program, one of the most debatable topics is cost issues. One side of the argument states that we need to decrease funding to make room for spending in other areas of the government (ex. healthcare). Barney Frank states, “If we fail to cut military spending, it will be impossible to fund domestic spending at necessary levels.” This is a major concern for people siding with this argument. The idea presented by this side is a “pay ourselves first before we worry about other countries” kind of mentality. Debaters on this side want to make our welfare systems and the development of our
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