Cloud Computing Research Paper

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Mobile cloud computing is a recent emerging technology in computer field. It is the integration of two major fields namely the mobile computing and cloud computing. Mobile computing is the process of operating many applications via mobile devices whereas cloud computing is the computational process via cloud or internet by provisioning the resources on demand and pay per use. The emergence of MCC has been proposed in order to overcome the major drawbacks in using mobile devices such as capacity, storage, computational speed, limited bandwidth, lifetime, and latency. MCC provides the solutions for these novel cons of the mobile computation. Despite of the large drawbacks in using mobile devices such as usage of smart phones need to be charged…show more content…
Cloud services could be easily used in any device that has an internet connection. Though, there arose many security and privacy issues while using CC which led to the business users to avoid the implementation of MCC for business needs. Since the transmission of data’s and information’s between mobile and cloud are open air it is more prone to malicious attacks than in wired devices and also the bandwidth is reduced and latency is increased in wireless…show more content…

The mobile applications are widely in use nowadays due to their increased global market. The need for mobile cloud computing has been in demand in various areas which we discuss as follows;

A. Image processing
In this area OCR[26] optical character recognition is discussed which is a technique used to capture an image and to translate the wordings on those image into local native language which a person could understand. This has been very useful for foreign travellers who want to know histories of the places he is visiting.

B. Natural language processing
The MCC gets the foreign language from the user which loads on to the apps as discussed in previous application [26] ,in the mobile device and checks for the resource needed for processing the foreign language to the local language. If there is a resource scarcity, low computation then the mobile gets connected to the cloud gets the services on demand and it accomplishes the job.

C. Crowd computing
This area helps in fields where someone is lost in a crowd and they can be easily tracked using the MCC applications[27]. Gathering lot of video clips and recordings from various mobile users in different perspectives and angles and constructing it into a single entire event is the concept over
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